Trading with the Russian Federation – documentation you unconditionally have to know before

The opportunities of the Russian Federation market are well known. In a background of general financial expansion, also favored by the process of legislatorian and bureaucratic reform, the presence of high national demand growth has to cope with the boundaries of the current Russian manufacturing structure, emerging in enormous possibilities for companies in other states happy to satisfy Russian request, both customer and instrumental goods.


Autor: BillSmith_03303

The administrative structure in Russia is very different from the European background in which we are familiar with working with agility. Assuming that the rule of mutual acceptance in the EC market is mandatory and compulsory certificate, which is only required for certain dangerous or high-risk products in Russia, majority of the products destined for trading on the national markets of the federation must be certified to assure product compliance to Russian national specifications. Considering the verification of imported goods is not precisely the responsibility of the customs authorities, they are narrowed to controlling the existence and trustworthiness of the documentation certifying the characteristics of the import products. The main document is the certification of conformity issued under the compulsory GOST Certification System.

This internal certification policy has been launched to protect public health and guarantee the security and quality of imported products that have overwhelmed the national markets of ex-USSRs.