Sell your products at Russian field

Nowadays in Our country, economy is nicer then ever earlier. Citizens are becoming richer all together with country. Because of that, a lot of people are opening their own businesses.

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Autor: Simson Petrol
gost r

Autor: Jorge de la Llama
If you are a leader of any company, and you wish it to increase, you need start to sell your products abroad. EU is affordable, but competition in there is really huge. So you should start in Russia.
Even if this country is not member of EU, it directors really want businessmen from another places to leave money in here. Because of that, it isn’t really difficult to sell your products in Russia. But before you do that, you need to get GOST R. It’s type of certification, which a lot of products, such as food and medicals have to get, before it is distributing to Russian citizens. But even if it isn’t needed, like for machines and cars, you still could try to have it. Because clients in that country, wouldn’t buy any type of product, without Russian GOST stamp on it – try for yourself ango to So if you like to be successful, you have to do something with that.

And how to get GOST R? You got 2 different options. One, is to do it on your own – you need to send a lot of papers to government in Russia, it may take a moment but it can be faster by going here: Different idea is to arrange proper group, which will do it for you for money. Groups like that are specialized in this subject, so it would be much quicker process when you leave this agenda for them. In Poland you will find plenty of companies, which are offering Russian GOST, you just need to use your internet and type down proper phrase at your browser.

If you want your corporation to increase, you need to start to sell your goods outside the Poland. Russia is far better then European Union, cause competition in there is a lot smaller. But to open business in there, you need to get decent certification for your goods.