SFA systems assistance the employees of sales section

Mobile applications, added in modern smartphones and tablets of sales representatives for better substituted cardboard pads of printed papers orders. Each through the SFA Software that support representative of companies in conducting selling and connection with sales. SFA short comes from the words Sales Force Automation. This is the king of business software, which supports and automates sales processes carried out by the agent of companies operating away from central. The informations selected by mobile gadget are used by managers and analysts to establish and control sales goals.


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SFA systems are commonly used in the FMCG section and pharmaceutical companies and the financial sector . These solutions are created for manufacturers, carriers and service companies.

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SFA software gives all the features, which suppose to be part of a modern sales system- the capacity to help and manage variety selling ways, tools for setting product class, selling targets (network) and budgets. SFA system may be parameterized and fittes to the specific demands of individual sales ways.

In the SFA applications are supplied properties accessible in systems management and task automation representatives of corporations (FFM Field Force Management, Field Force Automation FFA), marketing assistance and clients service (Customer Relationship Management, CRM) as well as modeling and controling business operations. The exection of the SFA in the generation or carrying in corporations brings a lot great profits. SFA systems support the goes of representatives of companies, including presale (collection orders) and van selling (doorstep selling, from the vehicle).

The most valid adventages of implementing SFA system contain: streamlining the work of companies representatives, reduction the time to complete and trade orders, better controling of tasks performed by employees. The time of portable computers Pocket PC has gone and in their place there are improved functional smartphones and tablets. Up-to-day mobile applications for companies representatives are accesible for Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Symbian, Windows Phone (used eg in Nokia and HTC) and BlackBerry. As a rule, SFA software is approachable in a numernous of languages. Thanks to work offline, mobile application synchronizes informations while you get the access to the Internet.