Do you know how to do business in every distance places?

Globalisation has combined the countries. Today, everyone lives in a big global village which is connected each other making use of the Internet. However, when it goes to deal, it is important to see that in some regions of world there are many regulations which make the worldwide even larger and not so open for other countries and items.

A great instance of such a location can be the Russian Federation where is necessary to have the special gost certification to be able to make some deals with the region.

Due to gost-r, each organization can promote their goods in countries like Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Republic of Belarus.

Recently there are numerous often asked concerns which concern the document. Some of them are:
What is the gost-r certificate?
The certificate is a document that confirms that the items fulfill the specifications set by the criteria of the Russian Federation. The certification in Russia is just equal to other documentation including CE, ISO and TUV-DIM.

Gost r certificate / certification
Why is needed documentation in Russian Federation?
The certificate is required for exports to the Russian Federation. Russian federation has its own method of excellence (GOST-R).

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Presently, the license is needed for the Customs Office and for all shoppers who would like to trade their items in the Russian Federation. The document ought to be presented during customs clearance.
Is the GOST-R certification recognized in another nations besides the Russian Federation?

egzamin na otrzymanie certyfikatu

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The european certifications are recognized in Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan. All countries of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) adjust to criteria of GOSSTANDART.
What is the certification of series manufacturing for one year.
It is a certificate for bulk manufacturing, but just for one year. To get a certificate it is needed: – item examining , the official papers from the business such as copies of the ISO 9000 certificates. Here is no control of the specialists from Russia so the expenses for getting the GOST certificate are lower. This certificate is very similar to the document which is given for 3 years, the only difference is the time of validity.
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